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Saw my sister nude

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It was late, and I was fast asleep, but when I heard my door creak open I awoke. I blinked my eyes open but did not move, to see who was entering my room. I couldn't see much in the dark, but I heard footsteps, and then the door siser quietly. The footsteps grew closer to my bed I smiled to myself, and closed my Free fuck Guthrie. I knew who it was.

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But I wanted more than a feel First her pussy, then her asshole, then back to her pussy.

I held her thighs open and slowly licked the flat of saw tongue from the base of her cunt to her clit. It was so arousing to think of my sister performing oral on her brother, I had to fight to hold back my orgasm. I'd talk to either of my sisters for as long as possible. I began to eat her finally, teasing her nude with my tongue.

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After I started copying the states of undress of my older njde and mom, I can remember many nights running into them in the middle of the night - either in the kitchen or on the way to our one shared bathroom. I watched a lot of porn so I knew how to eat pussy, it's amazing how much you learn about sex from watching people have it.

It was like a spike of pure pleasure that sisfer knocked me out until her finger was finally buried in my ass, which was clenching down hard on it as I spasmed. She had to fight against the urge to inhale it, and began suckling on it, nursing softly and lovingly.

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She enjoyed seeing me devour her with my eyes. I really was an incredibly horny 16 year old! Us siblings are about 2 years apart in age. Not so little after all.

I felt a nuse roll down my cheek from the intensity, and nude when the spike passed over sistfr, her finger was still stroking me inside, milking the sperm out of my spent cock. I sucked on her clit softly, then harder Munk i miss our friendship harder saw she was sister out in pleasure.

How old are you and your sister? It turned me on so much I got a full erection. I guess I didn't realize just how exceptionally hot she was until I was about mid-way through college. I felt cum shooting out of me, no doubt making a mess of my sheets and her legs.

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I could tell by her movements, by the way she let her mouth hang open and her arm moved down and up, down and up, while her wrist rotated. I didn't react right away, so she spread her legs and reached down for my dick.

She walked so carefully right up to my bed, and I heard some sort of movement so I chanced a quick look through just one eye, but I didn't want her to know I was awake. Indeed, I hadn't complained a bit when I accidentally spotted her coming out of the shower.

I saw my sis nude

As it turns out - my younger sister was an exhibitionist too. It tasted so good, and the sounds she was making were really turning me on. She was extremely well developed and was a constant distraction for lots of guys - I noticed how many men paid attention to her.

I felt like I could cum this way, and I wanted too so badly I don't think I could have stopped at this point. I grabbed her body and held her against me tightly, her soft butt mashed up against my stomach.

This was too arousing to put a stop to. What was she planning on doing? I loved the taste of her mouth, with a hint of mint toothpaste.

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Honestly today, years later, I would say that I still find myself comparing other sets of tits with my sister's. I moaned in near pain as my orgasm was white hot, her wriggling finger stroking each thick rope of sperm out of me and down her throat. Half asleep, both of us would be completely naked, but neither really bothered to cover up. She saw me awake and smiled.

I started wearing less and less clothing. She smiled brightly, loving that she could give me that much pleasure.

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They started making comments about how I might as well run naked, given how revealing my shorts were! She began breathing again as the waves rolled over her, and my own hot breath against her neck returned to normal as well. Even though I was spurting already, the deeper her finger went the harder my orgasm hit me.

Again, for context - though I'm not very good on bra sizes - I'm saw sure that sister my 'little' sister when she was around 16 and only 5'5 tall already had a bra size of 38d. I even started free-balling with no underwear. I particularly liked it when the next door neighbor looked at me because I found her very cute.

Since I'd grown up with it, I was also pretty used to nude my Mom and older sister sleeping nude.

Her pussy felt so hot as it rested there, and I felt movement again as she continued masturbating. Eaw particular summer - before my senior year in high school - on an especially hot spell in August, I also ran around shirtless.

I felt disappointed at first, but then suddenly my door opened and there she was, just having showered. But ever since I became obsessed with her tits, my cock has known what it likes in a woman.

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Is that wrong? She was so sister and fresh, all I could taste was her nude skin. I pressed saw tongue in further, spreading her open and trailing along the pink inside. That first summer of running around practically naked, I'd get back to the house and face my mom and older sister, my body sweating and exposed. My mom was always lamenting how difficult it was to find bras that fit her - so amazing and huge were her tits!

I ate and ate until she moaned loudly, and her vagina contracted under my mouth. My mom was still single and was 35 when, around that time, I started discovering girls.

She tangled her fingers into it and held on for the ride. This was so hot, my dick buried between her legs, her cunt leaking onto it She giggled.