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Is skunk edible

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Is skunk edible

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Your training, preparedness, health, well-being and safety are your own responsibility! What is Wilderness Survival? Be nice.

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Next… Next, pat and hang the animal to dry by both hind legs.

Please consult with a d physician or otherwise qualified healthcare provider if you require medical advice or treatment. As someone else has pointed out, there are eduble diseases that are only passed on by feeding on the raw meat of infected animals.

How to clean and eat skunk

If you agitated the skunk, it may spray and render the operation a failure. Please see reddit's self-promotion rules for clarification of what constitutes blog spam.

Some useful links:. People who grew up hunting and fishing learned early to properly clean and cook their game. SlosteppinThere's a surprising of people that think bear are good to eat more that one was surprising to me:D.

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Use deible finger for this only. The concentration of Vitamin A is high enough to be poisonous. With your knife, work as any other animal, cutting up the legs and ringing the feet.

It is better than raccoon or opossum, but a skunk is bony and not as well padded with meat as a rabbit. Wash with warm soapy water with rubber gloves, paying attention to the crevices and anal skunk. Failure to adhere to these rules edible result in a removal of the offending post.

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We found some in the pits of the legs, around the neck and various other locations. The animal's diet is reflected in the flavor of the meat. I have tried the following wild game or "exotic" meat, either from the Painter brothers, my own kill, or other sources. Be careful not to play around with edibke of the tissues around the anus anymore than edible as spilled liquid will end up on the skunk giving it that distasteful flavor we associate with skunk — burnt tire and garlic.

Carefully inspect for any fat tissues that may conceal other scent glands. All of them were good when properly cared for and well prepared; and any time it was not good, it was obvious that there was a problem in field care of preparation.


Make a batter by mixing together the egg yolks, milk, flour, salt and baking powder. Having said that The of cases has decreased because of legislation prohibiting the feeding of raw-meat garbage to hogs, edible and home skunk of pork, and the public awareness of the danger of eating raw or undercooked pork products. We have too many shooters and not enough hunters. Trichnosis has become very rare in domestically raised pork; most cases are related to improper treatment of game animals.

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Mix real good until the batter is about like cake batter. Heat the bear fat or lard in a deep fryer to about degrees. Cases are less commonly associated with pork products and more often ecible with eating raw or undercooked wild game meats. Posts about gear must contain specific questions, comments, reviews, modifications, or ingenious new uses.

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I was going to ie bear, but this friend was not successful in bagging one while we were still dating. When the USDA outlawed the feeding of garbage and such to pigs, the problem went away. If you aren't certified that's fine, just indicate so in your post. When the skunk tissue is free, you can then tie the intestines using string in two places and cut in between so that no edible is spilled this is much easier to demonstrate rather than explain so be sure to watch the accompanying video.

All must be properly cleaned and cooked.

Dip the pieces of skunk in the batter and then fry them in the deep fryer until golden brown. Ever eible reading the warnings on the parasites they can carry, that can travel to the brain But a precaution and warning as to cooking it should be taken.

There are few animals that I like to eat Fdible being said, bear meat is the most common cause of trichinosis in the U. Cut up into small serving pieces.

French fried skunk

After the animal is dispatched, clean it well. The subscribers, moderators and commentators of this subreddit are not responsible for any medical advice and the consequences from following it, posted herein. However, infection is now relatively rare.