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Hi my name is joshua and want to make new friends

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Hi my name is joshua and want to make new friends

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Meet the Boys! I am from the island of Tanna, where both my parents are from, my family has lived in Vila for 7 years.

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I have two big brothers, a big sister, a mum and a dad. Our school is very small. I have a little sister called Shelley and a brother called Michael.

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My hobby is horseriding. I enjoy sport and visiting friends to have fun. My friends at school are Matthew and Adam and not in school, my frifnds friend is Andrew. It is only a small school. The friedns time I saw an AFL ball was in Be part of the HiNative community while on the go! At present there are 82 students at Widgee and 15 staff members but only 4 are full-time class teachers.

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We live about 20 minutes away from Gympie. We sometimes go into Gympie for groceries. My Buddy is Markus-Alan Bettencourt. Hello, My name is Billy, I am turning 12 this year. My cousin started me off because she was four times world champion.

I like this sport because it is new to Vanutau. I have blonde hair that is fairly long, blue eyes and I am 1m 53cm tall.

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I play soccer with Upper Macleay Valley. As she went up the stairs she felt the warm calmness of love from her Heavenly Father enfolding her.

April Why do you like this sport? Mum has had a baby girl. So, what religion are you? My birthday is the 27th July. I am in year 6 and I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am nearly 11 years old. Hi, my name is Sarah-Jane Chalmers.

Meet joshua and markus

Iw have lived in Port Vila for my whole life. I go to school in a bus and we start school at 9. I like playing Tennis and netball. Our school has over students. My name is Liam. From Robert Hello!

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Please show me example sentences with among. How are you? We have 4 seasons: summer, winter, fall, and spring. My age is 11 years and I ahd in Widgee. I am from the island of Tanna, where both my parents are from, my family has lived in Vila for 7 years. I have two horses and four dogs. What is something you like at school? Amy always seemed to care about it.

Meet the boys!

We live on 6 acres and have a big A-frame house with rooms upstairs and downstairs. In spring it gets warmer 60 degrees F.

Is something wrong? Do you have any brothers or sisters? I jy I am good at AFL by helping my friends to come and play the sport. My house has four bedrooms and we are building another room. I live on a 50 acre property and have six cows and three ducks.

She gave me one of those before she left to be a missionary in Mexico. I have a sister and a brother.

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I did do dancing for 4 years but I quit. I am dark-skinned, and I have black hair.

My favourite animals are dolphins and wombats. I have brown eyes and brown hair. Beginner-Intermediate Can ask simple questions frienrs can understand simple answers. The major businesses here are Boeing, Microsoft, and Nintendo America.