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Can you swing by and smoke me out

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Can you swing by and smoke me out

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Literally, to fill a space with smoke to force a person or animal out of hiding.

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To force someone or something out of a place by or as if by the use oyt smoke: The groundskeeper smoked out the gopher. To detect and bring someone or something to public view; expose or reveal someone or something: The media was quick to smoke out the scandal.

Want to thank TFD for its existence? When I gave a dinner there was generally a cover laid for him. I liked the man for his own sake, and even had he promised to turn bg a celebrity it would have had no weight with me.

Back on the farm, we used to smoke out rats by running a hose from the exhaust pipe of our pickup truck into their nest. I think our best bet is to try to smoke them out.

He got smoked by the mob. See also: outsmoke smoke out Expose, reveal, bring to public view, as in Reporters thrive on smoking out a scandal. The Mirror zmoke the Lamp : To Edward […] he was terrible, nerve-inflaming, poisonously asphyxiating. The horn section was really smokin' on that last tune.

A hepster's dictionary

Literally, to fill a space with smoke to force a person or animal out of hiding. The Celebrity : He used to drop into my chambers once in a swint to smoke, and was first-rate company.

A noun or pronoun can be used between "smoke" and "out. He sat rocking himself in the late Mr.

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Tell a friend about usadd a link to thisor visit the webmaster's for free fun content. The newspaper smoked out the government's illegal use of torture to extract information from prisoners during the war. My old truck was still smoking even after the repairs. To expose someone or something and bring it to the attention of the public.

This expression alludes to driving a person or nad out of a hiding place by filling it with smoke. The police smoked the fugitives out of their hideout.

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The term alludes to the practice of driving a person or animal out of hiding by gy a fire, so that the smoke will force them out. Churchill's swing chair, smoking and twaddling. Do you smoke?

You'll need to smoke the meat for several hours. The term has been used figuratively since the early twentieth century. The ruse was successful in smoking the culprit out.

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